envied. petaloso case n° 4


The petaloso fantasy with a black centered round with your initials.


    First of all select the type of case you prefer, then all the phone models available and all other options of customization will appear.

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    Select phone model

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    Customize the inside of the case.

    write the statement for the inside part or describe what you like to have inside. you can upload also a photo.

    • addition of2.9 €

    Upload the picture for the inside part of the case.

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  • Write your initials. You can write one, two or three letters.

  • If you want a preview by email write it here to be sure of the result and to rechange it freely if it is not as you want

    • 2.9 €

  • Choose a special bag inside which you will find your case.
    Perfect for make a present, customized with the same pattern of the case.

    • 3.4 €

  • To protect the screen of your smartphone.

    • 5.9 €


Siamo nel comune di Copparo in provincia di Ferrara, quando arriva una lettera di risposta dall’Accademia della Crusca a seguito di una richiesta molto particolare. La parola ” petaloso ” (frutto dell’unione di petalo+oso alla pari di pelo+oso oppure coraggio+oso) ” e’ bella e chiara “…ma entrera’ mai a far parte del vocabolario italiano? Matteo e Maestra Aurora e classe, siamo con voi! Condividi. Leggi la notizia per intero.

We are in Italy in the province of Ferrara when it arrives a letter from Accademia Della Crusca (Academy of the bran it is an Italian society for language and more ) to Teacher Aurora, and his class expecially student Matteo, the inventor himself. They invented a new word joining the words ” petalo ” i.e. ” petals ” with “oso” i.e. a sort of ” full ” and it comes out the new word “petaloso” in in english is like “full of petals”. To make this word appear on our dictionaries and maybe yours, we need to share. Help us doing that.