envied. marble case n°22


The marble is on your hand, not cold as marble, not delicate, heavy as marble but it is like marble is, elegant and sofisticated.

Add custom text inside or outside using the fields.

If you want your own marble to be on your case, your stairs, table, desk marble or whatever, take a good picture of it and upload  asking to use it.


    First of all select the type of case you prefer, then all the phone models available and all other options of customization will appear.

    Now choose case type


    Select phone model

    Select phone model

    (please select a soft case if you don't find your phone model with hard case section)

    INSIDE (optional)

    Customize the inside of the case.

    write the statement for the inside part or describe what you like to have inside. you can upload also a photo.

    • addition of2.9 €

    Upload the picture for the inside part of the case.

    • (max file size 64 MB) addition of2.9 €

  • If you want a preview by email write it here to be sure of the result and to rechange it freely if it is not as you want

    • 2.9 €

  • Choose a special bag inside which you will find your case.
    Perfect for make a present, customized with the same pattern of the case.

    • 3.4 €

  • To protect the screen of your smartphone.

    • 5.9 €
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